4 Common Myths About Bullet Journaling

Still window-shopping with the idea of a bullet journal? What’s your hesitation?
Let me bust these 4 myths about bullet journaling to get you on your way!

6 Simple Steps I Took To Turn a Dream Into Goals

Do you daydream about doing something different? Even if you’re unsure about what you want, these 6 easy steps will help you get on the right path! Let’s turn those DREAMS into GOALS!

5 Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts to Feed Your Planning Soul

These Instagram accounts are phenomenal, each for a different reason. From beauty to productivity to simplicity, don’t miss these feeds!

4 Bullet Journaling Tools For On-The-Go!

Do you fill your entire bag with as many tools as possible before you leave the house? I think I have a problem. I needed to cut back on what I bring!
Find out how I did it!

5 Years "As-a-Rye" and Counting…

On September 8, 2012, I married my best friend. Too much has happened in 5 years of marriage, a decade of being together. Come see a crammed down version of our spazzy love story!

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