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My entire life revolves around my family: my husband and my two amazing little boys. Every time I have a bit of room in my budget to buy myself something (which should be new clothes), I go out, and I come home with something for my boys and/or my husband. I don’t spend much on myself and when I do, it’s out of sheer necessity. I even have a pair of flip-flops with my favourite band’s logo on it from the year 2000. They’ve half torn apart, the soles are all wonky and flattened and really, I shouldn’t wear them at all anymore but I can’t bring myself to toss them! Then I saw this amazing dreamdori on Dream and Anchor’s Etsy shop and I nearly died.

I’ve bought a dreamdori from her before (two actually) but this one was completely irresistible! After going back to spy on the listing about a million times to make sure it was still in stock, I panicked and thought I should just go ahead and get it before she runs out of that beautiful fabric! Here are my thoughts on a custom order I received!

dream and anchor packagingThe Unboxing

Dana over at Dream and Anchor never fails to bring a smile to my face with her adorable packaging. Product packaging is a very important factor for customers even if it doesn’t seem like it should matter all that much. It’s all about how the customer perceives your brand.

Her cute little business card with the ribbon on the paperclip is adorable. Tissue paper enclosed with washi tape is such a delicate touch and makes it feel like Christmas morning when you’re opening it!




dreamdori dream and anchor closed galaxyFirst impression


You know when you see something online you want to buy and when you get it, the colour is completely different than it looked on the screen? Let me tell you, Dana does not disappoint! I don’t know what she’s doing to set up her product images but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case where the colour on the screen matched the actual colour of the product! As you can see, the colour on this dreamdori is oh so wonderfully rich and deep and beautiful!!

I’ve always loved paintings, pictures, artists renderings, etc of anything space related and this is simply heaven to my eyes. I honestly can’t come up with a better description of how amazing this is, it’s phantasmagorical!


The Custom Details

I figured if I’m going to get this phenomenal dreamdori, I’m going to do it right and make sure it has everything I need. I learned a few things from my last dreamdori (the amazing coffee-themed one, which I plan on still using!)

A5 traveler’s notebook cover
Boarding pass style pockets
– I love being able to stuff receipts and random papers in here
2x extra elastics
– I’d like to fit my along with 3-4 inserts
Pen loop
I figured that it wouldn’t be an issue since I have so many pens and markers and other supplies that I bring along anyway. I don’t need all my supplies to go to the store, so now I just keep my Micron 005 pen in the loop and I always have it on me!

The new custom touch that Dana added to my dreamdori was a structured spine. The spine of my coffee-themed one bowed because I over-stuffed it. Entirely my fault, but Dana was amazing and figured out how to add a stronger spine to my new one!

Using my Dreamdori

Though I moved into this dreamdori on January first, I’ve also been using it for a bit longer so I can get set up for 2018. I have my Leuchtturm1917 inserted with two elastics, one at each cover and I’m loving the stability. I’ve also got my finance tracker insert, daycare tracker insert and a junk journal inserted here and I still have a few elastics to spare if I’d like to add more!.

The structured spine is making a huge difference in how the book feels. I was a little bit wary of it at first because I didn’t want my dreamdori to just look like a hardcover book with smaller books inside, I love the traditional traveller’s notebook look, but it doesn’t look or feel that way at all! Dream and Anchor did a fantastic job of creating a subtle spine that adds so much functionality.

Final Takeaway

Honestly, I’m feeling like I don’t even need to say anything about this. The first picture here should have convinced you to get you over to her shop and buy one ASAP but alas, not everyone likes a good galaxy theme. She has such a large and varied selection with so many different styles, that I’m sure you’ll find one you love too!

The thing you need to know about Dream and Anchor is this: they are quality-made. The stitching is absolutely perfect, it’s nice and stiff instead of flopping around, which is why I originally hesitated getting a fabric traveler’s notebook, and the selection is just phenomenal.

Dream and Anchor is so easy to work with, just send her a message if you have any questions and she’s quick to respond! Don’t forget to look at the add-ons she’s got in her shop as well because it has made a huge difference in my usage.

The best part: you’ll have it in your hand before you can say dreamdori! Click on any reference to Dream and Anchor and it will direct you to her shop to have a look!

Exciting News!! GET 10% OFF YOUR DREAMDORI!

Dana over at Dream and Anchor is offering a discount for you!! Use the promo code ASARYE10 to get 10% off your order over $21USD until February 8, 2018!

Click here to check out Etsy shop and get your first Dreamdori!

The beauty of a fabric traveler’s notebook is the infinite style possibilities! What is your favourite style? Let me know in the comments below!
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