I am a married mother of two young boys with an interest in many things, most of which are kind of related to organising or learning something new.

I am kind of a nerd in the sense that when I’m old and frail, I’ll still be seeking to learn new things. I’m not happy unless I’m learning. I’m into a whole variety of things from learning to cook and bake to watching the Royal Institute’s videos on quantum field theory. I won’t be doing science with this blog very much, but if I read something interesting, I can’t help but share!

I also own an Etsy store for bullet journal templates. I’m just starting out so there will be much more to come!
Check me out at As A Rye Designs

I am on a journey to truly find myself (more than I have) and get my sh*t together because life is still feeling pretty chaotic.

Please join me on my path!