5 Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts to Feed Your Planning Soul

I’ve noticed something. I follow plenty of accounts on Instagram, but rather than scrolling leisurely through my newsfeed, I find I click on the owner of a post, view their entire feed again, click on handles that they’ve mentioned in theirs….and the cycle continues. I do find my way back to my newsfeed (usually with a few more accounts being followed), and the cycle begins again.

In my disorganised scrolling, I’ve found a few key gems. These are the accounts I would like to share with you. I’m not going to number them in order of rank because quite frankly, it’s too difficult to narrow down, plus I really like them all for different reasons.

Let’s get (not) counting!

For Heart-Stopping Beauty


I’m going to just call her out here: she HAS to be a liar! She says she’s a bullet journal newbie, but OH MY GAWD look how beautiful this is!! K’s spreads are flawless.

When I was young, I was obsessed with art. I drew everywhere I went. My parents have even told me (I do remember vaguely, though not to this degree) that instead of a security blanket or stuffy, I carried around my little art kit everywhere I went. I remember sitting at the beach just drawing everything I saw: the cabin, the landscape, the seagulls or pelicans, people walking by.  Sometimes I regret not pursuing art in university, but at the time I had thought I wouldn’t want to turn my passion into a job and not enjoy it anymore. The logic makes sense, but now I’m floating back to that realm. I kept drawing until about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, hubby and I just got married, and we were moving into a house. Then you know, parenthood. I know they’re excuses, but I just kind of…stopped. I miss it to no end.

K’s account is so beautiful and inspirational that it makes me want to dedicate more time to my drawing…and I have. Check out @bumblebujo here.

For Getting Sh*t Done

Boho Berry Monthly

Kara is the queen of productivity in my mind! She draws inspiration from many sources and mixes them together into a perfect blend to stay organised. But Boho Berry is much more than that.

She is an inspiration as a small business owner, running Boho Berry Paperie. She sells stickers, printables, trackers, colouring pages and most recently has added traveler’s notebook inserts! It motivates me to get my ass in gear. If she can do it, and do it this successfully, why can’t I?

In 2011, I worked as a Marketing Assistant. I had two amazing coworkers who took me under their wing. One taught me about marketing strategy, the other introduced me to graphic design. I was newly engaged and decided to use my new skills to design my own wedding invitations. I had a tough time finding invitations I actually liked and didn’t have the budget for custom designs. I was able to design my own gatefold invitations, they turned out beautiful, and I went on to design invitations for some family and friends since then. I would love one day to do it as a living and Kara plays a huge part in keeping me motivated!

I love her feed for a number of reasons. While the above is nearest to my heart, her spreads are beautiful, fun and functional. She also runs a few monthly challenges which are so much fun to follow!

Check out her IG at @boho.berryblogYouTube channel and Etsy shop to see more!

For Awesome Use of Space

Am I the only one who likes to try and cram everything plus the kitchen sink on a single page?? Clearly not because Nicole does just that with grace.


How she manages to fit so many categories into a single spread is beyond me. And the fact that it looks so clean, with plenty of space, is even more impressive!

I personally have high aspirations for my bujo that often go unfulfilled. Most often because I can’t find a layout that works but also because I’ll attempt a spread, think it looks great, and realize I’m missing a ton of items that I initially wanted to include.

I’ve only been bullet journaling since February 2017, but I’ve noticed that I’m not so great at referring to my monthly spreads. I pretty much put important dates in there, and the only time I really check it is when I’m putting together my weekly or if I’ve chosen dailies instead. I would love to track a bazillion things, but the tracker would wind up almost empty. Not because I didn’t do it, but because I forgot to mark down that I DID do it. While I have gotten more consistency with my bullet journal as of late, I still have an issue with the monthly. Maybe one day, but I’m okay with not having it for now. Until then, I’m looking to cram everything into my weeklies so that I actually look at it. Enter: @bujo_blossoms. She’s proof that you can fit a lot more into your spread than you think!

On top of the awesome amount of stuff she fits, her doodles are absolutely adorable! Check out @bujo_blossoms here!

For Mental Health and Self-Love

Sometimes you have an emotional connection that makes you follow. Every picture that Anna uploads halts my scrolling so I can read her full page.


I’ve only recently begun a dialogue about my struggle with depression publicly. It’s something that I will struggle with for the rest of my life. Therapy has helped me tremendously in the past, however, I will always be the person that when faced with a situation, I will automatically shoot to the negative side. I need to talk myself into the positives, even if there’s nothing particularly bad about the situation itself. It’s just how my mind works, and I’ve accepted that. While there are many situations that will act as triggers (which I need to avoid), Anna reminds me that I need to recognize and accept the place I’m in mentally and not just throw it aside. A big contributor to a spiral is ignoring what I’m feeling. Anna has me stop ignoring.

On top of all the feels, look at her adorable doodles! I wish I could draw in this style, but I wouldn’t be able to, to save my life. So cute. That and boy, that handwriting is FLAWLESS! I love it!

Check out @alukewarmmess for a little self-loving!

For Beautiful Hand-Lettering


Like many that have come before me, my bullet journal has evolved from a simple hand-written planner to being obsessed with hand lettering and brush calligraphy. Thank you, Jessica. It’s your fault that I now have an overflowing desk full of brush pens.

Hand-lettering and calligraphy are incredibly beautiful…and also tough to learn. At least it’s tough when you’re a perfectionist. Talk about irony when looking at this kickass quote up here, right?

I’ve always loved traditional styles. I love books because I feel it’s one of few hobbies that are left that don’t require electricity (I love to read by candlelight!). My dream kitchen is solid oak or other hardwood, with a deep and rich stain — not sterile white that makes me feel like I’m in a hospital. Calligraphy is old school. Calligraphy is romantic. Modern calligraphy and brush lettering are, I feel, a more accessible way to get a similar, beautiful look. I got an amazing calligraphy set from my parents for Christmas, and I LOVE it, but dip pens with bottles of ink are extremely hard to use when I’ve got two little ones. It takes time to set up, take-down, clean the nibs, etc. etc. and I don’t want to risk the kiddos knocking over the bottles of ink! Hello brush pens, now I can create something just as beautiful in a snap when I have a moment!

I’ve used Jessica’s Rock Your Handwriting Challenges to improve not only my everyday writing but that wonderful hand-lettering as well. She also has a great blog with tons of information on bullet journaling, lettering, and an online shop!

Check out her IG @prettyprintsandpaperblog, and YouTube channel!

Put it all together

I browse and browse and browse for inspiration for my spreads. Each of these lovely ladies brings a component to my page that helps me try to figure my stuff out. While I follow almost 400 accounts, these 5 I’ve been following pretty much since the beginning. They are all phenomenal at what they do, their bullet journals are beautiful. So please, go out and follow each of them! And don’t forget to give me a follow as well!

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