Life as a Rye. What’s in a name?

Rye is a crop that tolerates many conditions. It symbolises love and fidelity. While I’m sure this sounds great as a motto to life, “As a Rye” is actually the phonetic spelling of my last name.

Hi, my name is Patti! Welcome to Life As a Rye!

I am an almost 30-year-old wife and mother of two young boys (almost three and almost one!) with a long journey ahead of me.

While I truly believe that age is just a number (I am in no way saddened to turn 30), it has woken me up to many things I would like to change about my life. I hope that you will share this journey with me.

Prepare for posts about cleaning and organising, planning and bullet journaling, the trials and triumphs of parenthood, random thoughts, ideas and art pieces and much more!

Please join me on a path to get my sh*t together in my 30’s!

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