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Well, it’s almost New Year’s and I’m just itching to get into my new traveler’s notebook and new, beautiful purple ! I’ve got my 2018 setup completed and I’m so excited to show you!

This year’s Leuchtturm1917 is named Asteria. I was inspired by this beautiful Dreamdori made by Dream and Anchor! I hope to stick to colours that can be seen in space (which granted is most colours!) so deep, vibrant colours with plenty of metallics!

Asteria is the Goddess of falling stars and divination through dreams. Feels incredibly appropriate pairing with this beautiful traveller’s notebook! I can’t wait for New Years Day!

Here is my initial setup, with a focus on January’s setup next week!

Future Log

My favourite method of future logging is using the calendex system by Eddy Hope. I love seeing my entire year in a single view.

I use this page to track holidays, birthdays and other important dates. One thing I love to include is a green currency symbol for paydays and red currency symbols for dates where bills are due. I don’t include all of the information because I have that taken care of in my finance insert (see my previous post to How To Fix Your Finances in 2018!) but I like to be aware of these dates at all times. The best way to plan is to have all the information you need!

Quick Tip: If you have details about a critical date somewhere in your LT, refer to the page number here in the calendex for a quick reference to find that information!

Menu Plan & Grocery List

I think my signature is my use of reusable bullet journal spreads. I first used them in my last Leuchtturm1917 for my cabin packing spread and wanted to utilize it more in my new bullet journal. I’m so tired of wasting pages just writing down meals and grocery lists, plus I hate continually writing down the same thing multiple times!

The left page contains a simple meal planner where I will fill with a pencil. The right page is a complete list of commonly purchased groceries. The first box of each item will be used to indicate how many I need; the second box will be checked off as its grabbed in the store. No more forgetting things! There’s nothing I hate more than having to go back to the store 3-4 times in a week to grab items that I forgot (if you’re anything like me, you get some impulse buys every single time so that $5 jug of milk becomes $20 worth of junk!). Just erase, and use the following week!

Quick Tip: I added a section at the bottom of the left page to jot down ideas for the following week.

Weekenders Spread

This was my absolute favourite spread in 2017. I can’t tell you how many times we would get out to the cabin an hour away and I would realize that I forgot at least one crucial thing. Sometimes it was milk, sometimes it was a toy for the boys, but once, it was diapers and wipes!! There’s a very small convenience store about a half hour away, but they didn’t carry much and didn’t have my son’s size so all the way back home we went!

Part of the reason is my forgetfulness with lupus, but a more significant reason is the fact that I pack throughout the day, distracted, while the kids run around, I’m doing laundry and running a home daycare. I created this original spread to prevent me from forgetting the crucial items and let me tell you, it worked! I went the second half of the year forgetting either nothing or something that we don’t need there anyway.

Just like my previous version, I will fill this out using pencil, then erase and reuse the following week!

I found making L-man’s section more difficult since he’s not quite two years old and I’m unsure of what items he may end up needing for him by the end of summer. Will he be potty trained? Will we be able to get rid of the darn soo-soo? I’m hoping the answer to both of those will be yes, but only time will tell!

I did include a small meal plan on this spread because we do usually like to purchase fresh groceries before we go but I’ll be inputting this information into the reusable grocery shopping list as shown above.

Loving how this turned out, and even better is knowing I have some space on the left page to add some special memories from this coming year!



Love + War

Alright men, skip over this one if you aren’t comfortable with feminine issues!

I’ve got my beautiful boys, and I’m done. Finito. I’ve used apps to track my cycle but they just annoy me and I’d rather it be analog!

I’ve got four columns here for tracking.
1. Cycle Day: I’d like to track the average number of days in my cycle and know when to expect ovulation.
2. Physical: This is where I’ll monitor not only my cycle but other indicators in the cycle as well
3. Mental: To indicate days that I’m irritable or upset because I’d like to see where there may be a pattern!
4. Symptoms: Finally, how many days am I dealing with feeling bloated or crampy or have headaches?

I’m very curious to see how this will turn out come December and I can see everything at a glance!

Christmas 2018 Planning

So, it felt a little weird planning out next year’s spread before 2017 Christmas was done!

Freshened up the page to keep with the galaxy colour scheme and opted for a blue, silver and white snowflake theme!

I’d like to do a few more crafts next year for decorating so I have a spot on the top left to do the research and pick what I’d like to do!

I’ve also left off labels for you-know-who for obvious reasons.

Level 10 Life

This is the spread I’ve created to reflect my previous post A Skeptic’s Path to a Level 10 Life. I know most people choose to follow a wheel style as lays out or even progress bars but shooting stars seemed appropriate!

I’ve input the baseline amounts into each of these star trails and will update in December to see how far I’ve come (though I may also reassess mid-year!)

Each of the categories includes a few goals for me to work on. Some are actual things to do like sign the kids up for activities in every season, but others are qualities I would like to work on such as not taking my frustrations out on my husband or taking three deep breaths when I’m overwhelmed.

All this hype around Level 10 Life, let’s see how it does!

Cleaning Tracker

This spread wasn’t originally planned but was created as an extension of the Physical Environment section of my Level 10 Life spread. I set that category at a 1/10 because first, I have yet to stick to a proper cleaning schedule and have been flying by the seat of my pants and two, the left page of this spread is called One Room At A Time and I will be focusing on decluttering, organizing and decorating one room each month. The cleaning schedule is another reusable spread too!

We moved into this house four years ago, and I have yet to put personal touches into it. I want my house to be a home, and it won’t be until I add these touches!

Happy New Years!

I’ve been working hard on these spreads, and I’ve been anxiously waiting for 2018, so I can move into my new Dreamdori! I’ve refused to use it before the new year, and it’s the hardest thing ever to hold out on!

After these collections, I have a few blank pages in case I’d like to add more then it goes right into my January monthly spread! Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see my first monthly spread of 2018 before the blog post next Thursday!

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