Well, I’ve done it. I moved to a traveler’s notebook! I swore I wouldn’t do it but I just couldn’t stop myself!

When I first began bullet journaling, I fell in love with a system that would only require one book to organize my entire life. As shown in my first post, I had previously used a discbound journal to create my own planner. What I hated about it was having multiple tabs and different places to put things — I felt that because it was separated, I would forget to look in each section for my to-do’s. I’m guessing this is common amongst many planner addicts.

What I’ve come to realize is that the best method for me is one that blends the functionality of a bullet journal with the divisiveness of multiple books. I just needed a way to reference the other sections within my master bullet journal. Enter the traveler’s notebook. As you’ll see below I still have my trusty Leuchtturm1917, I don’t think I’ll ever give that notebook up, but I’ve got a few extra inserts.

Here’s the thing. I HATE leather (or I think I do and just haven’t found the right one!) and so I had a VERY hard time finding something that I would actually like, wouldn’t get sick of. I searched Etsy for hours and hours trying to find something, favourited countless items and even added one to the cart before realizing the shipping charges were $127!! So I filtered to Canadian shops — which is best anyway, I love supporting local companies!!

I found Dream + Anchor. Dana is located in Saskatchewan just one province over. She has a fantastic variety of fabric traveler’s notebooks, or “Dreamdori” as she calls them. Absolutely beautiful patterns! She answered all of my questions prior to placing the order (yes, I had a lot because I had no idea how these worked and whether it would fit the books I wanted in it!) and it shipped three days after placing the order!


Okay, how cute is this packaging? I love it! The tissue, the washi tape, the cute paper clip….adorable! I was very impressed!


I am LOVING the pattern that I chose — How could anyone get sick of coffee?? I live and breathe coffee, it runs in my veins! This pattern is so cute and I know there’s no way I could get sick of it.

This notebook is incredibly well made. It feels sturdy, it’s not flimsy at all and the stitching is perfect! I think part of the reason I took so long to place an order was because I felt like maybe a fabric traveler’s notebook would be way too thin. There’s clearly some sort of interlacing between the layers because it’s nice and thick. I opted to get the boarding pass pockets and an extra elastic in here knowing that I would need as much as I can!

Dream & Anchor 1

As you can see, it’s fully packed! You know that naked feeling you get when you forget your phone at home? That’s now how I feel if I forget my Dreamdori at home!

I highly recommend checking out Dream + Anchor on Etsy (click on the shop name for the link) and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Stay tuned for my next post, setting it all up!

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