Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and fun new year celebration! I decided to do a special New Year’s Day edition for my blog with my December wrap-up and January setup! If you checked out my last post, you’ll see the collections I’ve created in the front of my purple . I thought I would show you on the final pages of my emerald journal with December’s spreads!

December Monthly bullet journal spreadDecember Monthly

December was a hectic month for me, as I’m sure it was for millions of others out there getting ready for Christmas! I launched this new site on December 3; I added material for my blog posts as well as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and I was busy the entire month.

I seem to keep adding an “on the horizon” section to my pages, though I rarely end up using them! As you can see, here’s another one that’s left pretty blank!

I liked how the monthly spread ended up filling out, and incredibly proud of myself for actually filling in the habit tracker! Usually, I go a few days at the beginning of the month, and it just get’s forgotten!


Weekly Dashboards + Dailies

November and December got so busy that I felt the need to switch from my weekly layout to a daily log. I was starting to have too many items to write down. Not all of them were tasks, but I ran out of space on my weeklies often. I also can’t stand some days being squished and overflowing with notes and other days being empty…drives me nuts.

When I switched, I found myself a little frustrated because part of what I liked about a weekly was the ability to have a quick view of the upcoming week – meals, habit trackers, etc. Enter: the weekly dashboard.

It’s served me well, and it’s something I’m going to continue. I don’t care if I miss a few days journaling and it looks a lot better to fill my pages still rather than have just empty boxes on my spread!


I keep floating between weekly spreads and dailies. The daily log follows the typical bullet journal fashion, but I did really like setting it up. Maybe that’s what made me bring in a dashboard; it allows me to put thought into a spread still as well as serve a great purpose.

There were a few days that I missed along the way. I got so busy preparing for Christmas that I neglected my journal. I got to a point where the actual doing was more important than the planning.

Here’s a critical take away: who cares if you miss a day? Take a day, take a week, take a month or even more and your bullet journal will always be there waiting for you when you’re ready!

One thing I haven’t gotten down yet is how I want my daily dividers set. I love what Kara at Boho Berry does with the time blocks, but I just don’t have a use for it. It’s a shame because it’s the perfect divider!!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas was a blast this year! It was our turn to host Christmas brunch on my mom’s side of the family. We open our stockings as a family before everyone gets there then we all open gifts together, followed by a kickass brunch. Eggs, Toast, Belgian waffles with all the fixings and of course, oh all the bacon!

This spread proved to be incredibly useful! Every year we seem to have a last minute scramble because we’ve forgotten a few gifts or just couldn’t find the right one. Hubby and I put a lot of thought into our presents and hate getting something unless we know they’re going to love it!

Granted, I did have a last-second scramble again, but that’s because I always tend to underestimate how big our stockings are. The boys had them overflowing, I had a few items for hubby, but I still seem to forget about myself!

Notable Achievements

This year had a lot of new experiences for me. I opened my home daycare, started bullet journaling, opened my Instagram account and started this blog. Most recently, I met two fabulous ladies, @chocmusings and @purplescapedesign and we’ve become great friends. That means more than anything else I’ve done this year. I find it difficult to make new friends, and these ladies are not only phenomenal, strong, independent women with the same interests as myself, but they also have fantabulous Instagram feeds that you need to check out!

We just wrapped up our December Lettering Challenge, Sugared Letters and it was a lot of fun! We are teaming up again for a January Challenge focusing notable women in history! We want to inspire and empower women to work for their goals and achieve their dreams! This challenge is entirely open to interpretation! Write their name, give a quote, draw a doodle, do anything you want! January will be fun!

Don’t forget to give us each a follow on Instagram, visit the link to this image to save it!

January Monthly

In this new journal, I’m striving to use a more minimalist design. I still want to add some design and artistic flair into it, but I seem to have an issue where I wind up cluttering up the page, and oh-em-gee I just LOVE the pages I’ve seen with white space. January features a traditional calendar layout with a completed week at the end of the month in case I have something important to write before February begins. I’ve also added a notes section as well because I just like including a space for random notes.

week 1 January 1-7 dashboardWeek 1 Dashboard: January 1-7

Now that I’ve moved my menu plan and grocery list into a reusable collection, I had some extra space on my weekly dashboard. I like the idea of filling an entire page for this, but I may reduce it to half a page and go right into dailies!

I put in a quick glance at the week so that I can put any important appointments or events that may be going on. Plans with friends and family don’t get input into my future log, so this is the perfect space for it.

Ten ideas in ten minutes came from a great idea by Tricia Murdock (@chocmusings). She created a spread outlining tasks that only took 10 minutes to complete, and I adapted the design to be a mini brainstorming session. I’m sure most of these will wind up being silly and pointless, but I love trying new things!

Both the blog to-do’s and horizon + notes sections here serve the same purpose. Here is where I will input tasks I know I need to get done this week but haven’t assigned to a day yet, which is my number one reason for a dashboard!



Bring it on, 2018!

I’m all set for this new year, all set for January! I’m going to put some extra focus into dividing my dailies and getting a consistent style designed. I would like each day to begin the same way, but I’m still learning what I do and don’t like, what I need vs fresh ideas that don’t work for me, etc. Ready or not, January is here, and I hope this helped you get organized!

Stay tuned for my regularly scheduled blog post on Thursday, January 4, 2018, and don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments below!


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