As January comes to a close…

I’m getting set up for February! This month seemed to just whiz right by. As much as I want time to slow down (there are not enough hours in the day), I’m looking forward to this winter being over! Can February just come and go even quicker than January? Please? We’ve been in a deep freeze for what feels like forever. We just had a couple warmer days, but went right back to a freezing Arctic cold front! I’m talking -30 to -45 degree (CELCIUS!) weather!

Aside from the cold, here’s what’s happened this month so far!

The Fam-Jam

Okay, my 21-month-old is making me cry. He is talking so much that it’s just blowing my mind! My oldest was talking like this when he was 2 and a half! My last baby isn’t a baby anymore and while I’m so happy and excited for what he’s been learning and is continuing to learn, I’m also incredibly sad because these are my last set of firsts! I’m totally allowed to be upset by it, just saying!

My 3.5-year-old has also been making some incredible milestones. He can now add and subtract simple numbers up to ten and he knows how to write quite a few letters and numbers as well! This kid also has the memory of an elephant and it’s pretty incredible to see, of course, it has a downfall sometimes too! Tell him he’ll get some Smarties for dessert later and oh boy, even a week or two later, he’ll still remember! The things this kiddo says will blow your mind sometimes, I think he’s going to be very bright when he starts school!

What Went Well

We are in my second month since I opened this new site and I’m incredibly proud of myself. Not only have I stuck to the schedule that I set out for myself, but I’m actually getting my daily routine down pat and feeling like I’m not as rushed for time.

My 2018 setup has been working incredibly well for me: particularly the reusable cleaning routine spread! I’m still behind in some areas for decluttering and I’m still recovering after Christmas, but the house hasn’t been bad overall because of this schedule! There are a few of the daily tasks that I hope to be more consistent in February.

weekly dashboard bullet journalWeekly Dashboard

I’m absolutely loving the weekly dashboards that I’ve been doing in this book. I have a hard time with dailies alone because sometimes I feel like it’s harder to plan ahead when I only need a day or two. I don’t like putting every single thing into my monthly logs. The nice thing about a weekly spread is that I can change it every week for whatever I need. In week 1, I really wanted a lot of space for notes and brainstorming but week 2 needed some positivity and I filled it with a quote!

What I want to improve for February: more flexible weekly dashboards. I would like to create a design that can be stretched to a full page and also shrunk down to a half page or even less. This would allow me to have more and less room for my dailies and not feel like I need to have a new page at the start of every week. This is the entire reason why I created the dashboard in the first place!





Daily and Rapid Logs

I have no regrets moving from structured weekly spreads to daily logs. With the blog and other plans, I simply don’t know how much or how little room I need and I love that I don’t need to worry about how much room I have available to write!

I’ve been experimenting with different looks for the header of each day. As much as I absolutely love Boho Berry’s time bars, they’re just not right for me. When I run a home daycare, everything follows a pretty rigid schedule and I feel it’s a waste to just colour literally the same thing every single day. What’s more is that after daycare hours, I still have kids and I just work on my side projects where I can find a time. It’s pretty impossible for me to schedule something in!

All my days consist of tasks that I can do any time of day and the goal is to just have it done before bed!

What I can do Better in February

My biggest issue is overestimating how much I can get done in a day. I set goals to work towards and that’s great, but I find that I wind up migrating so many tasks to the next day!

I’ll be completely honest in saying that I’m not even sure if I can improve this. What I can get done in a day is entirely dependent on how the kids are, how much attention they’re needing.

February monthly log bullet journal

February Setup

I went with a pretty simple layout this month. I’ve separated my blog and other plans from my home life. Honestly, we don’t get a lot of visitors and I don’t make a lot of plans, so that section is probably going to stay pretty bare!

What’s new this month is Grind and Gratitude. I’ve noticed that January was a pretty emotional month for me. I was very irritable and to be honest, I have no idea why. I love the gratitude logs that I see everywhere in this community but I’m adding my personal twist to it. I’ve always been someone who feels better writing, especially to vent any frustrations I’m having. I hope that most of these will be filled with only gratitude, but I’m wanting to give myself the chance to write something that’s bothering me. Here’s the catch: if I write anything negative, it must be balanced by writing a positive as well.

My hope is that by incorporating this Grind and Gratitude system, it will improve my overall mood in February.


Goodbye winter?

Let’s just finish suffering through this winter and I promise my mood will be much better in the warmth!

I hope that my monthly log will inspire you to see what worked well for you in January and build on that!

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