I had a plan for today’s post. Plans change, and you need to adapt. Let me tell you a story about my bullet journal.

march bullet journal monthly logWhen Disaster Strikes

I worked incredibly hard to bring you the best monthly log I’ve ever done. I was so on point with my calendar wheel and my drawing this week. Then an accident happened.

As you know, I run a home daycare. I’ve got five kids in my care (including my own two) and all of them are boys. Things are very rowdy. Things are very loud. Pretty much all they want to do is go running back and forth with the big toy cars we have in the basement.

I’m all about learning through play. I even created a game where I block them from running and ask them to add and subtract. If they get the answer right, they get a high-five and mosey along their way. If they get it wrong, we count the fingers together to find the right answer, and of course, they get a high-five and mosey on their way as well. The thing to keep in mind is that I’ve got one kinder who can add and subtract double-digits now, and it’s encouraged my almost 4-year-old and the 3-year-old in my care to learn, and it’s incredible. I’m so proud of these kids it’s just unbelievable. They surprise me every single day with the things they’re able to absorb like sponges and how well they’re learning to play together!

Sometimes that doesn’t quite work out. Now and then, when the kids are all getting along, I’m able to pull out my bullet journal and get a little bit of mindless work done (the small things like paperwork, knowing that all my attention is on the kids of course!). So I run upstairs to grab my bullet journal and, naturally, a coffee, and I come down to sit on the couch next to them and get a couple of things done. One of the kids happened to throw a ball as I was walking in, hit me right in the coffee mug. Coffee got everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The scalding hot coffee burned my leg about a foot in diameter and more importantly (don’t judge me. I’m incredibly accident-prone, so a little coffee burn is nothin’!) my bullet journal. The entire cup landed in my Dreamdori.

Leuchtturm, gone. Finance Tracker, gone. Daycare tracker, gone. I thank Dana with all my heart for making a traveler’s notebook I could wash because I don’t think I could face any more heartbreak!

I stepped away from the situation because I was pretty much seeing red at the time, knowing full well that it was an accident and I don’t fault him for what happened! I need to be a role model for these kids, so I stepped away for 5 minutes and asked them to be on their best behaviour while I was gone. I sat at the top of the stairs (where I could still hear them) and just breathed. I went back down, asked everyone to play upstairs so that I could clean up then I had a chat with them about how everyone gets upset, and it’s okay to have those feelings, it’s what we choose to do with those feelings that matter.

2018 calendex bullet journal future log

When Life Hands You Lemons

You know the adage, we all do. Daycare closed and I finally had a moment to just release. I was understandably upset that all my hard work was gone, but there’s no time to be upset because I need to get reorganized!

I went and grabbed my blue Leuchtturm1917 (thankfully I had a spare!!) and figured I’ll just do a skeleton of my spreads for now, so it’s functional, and add decoration later.  As I started work on my calendex, I zoned in, and something happened. I remembered how much I love bullet journaling. Not that I forgot or that I wasn’t enjoying it, but the day-in and day-out of bullet journaling is pretty mundane compared to creating your larger spreads and collections! It’s different! I remembered how relaxing this is. I forgot how happy it makes me.

This analog system is so amazing, but I think it’s essential to remember that it is subject to tears, stains, mistakes or in this case, total write-offs. Bullet journals may come and go but this enjoyment? It’s forever.

So yeah, life handed me a giant sack of lemons, and I’m going to make a crap ton of lemonade from it. I’m redoing every spread, every reusable collection. I’m improving on them, learning from what hasn’t been perfect in my last one and I’m going to make it better.


My New Bullet Journal

I’ve kept my calendex bare bones for now as you can see above, just the basic layout. I plan to add some form of decoration to it, but I’m unsure what I’m going to do with it at this point.

Bullet journal reusable collection cabin spread

Reusable Collections

Of course, as always, I need my reusable collections! I decided that I wanted to reduce space where I could to save some space, save some pages. I’ve managed to get my cabin checklist on a single page rather than a double spread. I love this condensed version, and honestly, I didn’t need half a page of random words and sayings anyway. This spread is much easier, much cleaner and I like it better than the one that was ruined!

I’m also working on an improved version of my menu plan and master grocery list but having just shopped; I’ve got a few more days to work it out, so I’m going to take my time and do it right! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see it when it’s done!


bullet journal collection period cycle female tracker

Single-Use Collections

Men, sorry, but I’ve also got my Love and War spread here. The same thing, I tried to condense it to a single page, and I love it smaller like this! I realized after almost two months that I don’t track my symptoms every day. Maybe one day I can get there, but for now, I’m not at that point so why waste the space! New and improved, I’m only tracking cycle days, fertile days, expected cycle and intimate days (though half the time I forget to put it in haha). Clean, easy, and serves its purpose to prevent pregnancy. (Can you imagine three boys, because my third would totally be another boy? My soul tells me so. I’m good with two!)

I’ve got a few more collections to get done yet, but I’m on my way! I’m going hard to try and keep the amount of time without my precious bullet journal to a minimum. I’m kind of already feeling like I’m losing my mind!


The Moral of the Story

Shit happens. Plain and simple. What you do with it is where you’ll find yourself.

I thought that if anything ever happened to my bullet journal, I’d be ruined! A mess! Instead, I sulked for a couple of hours then quickly got over it when I started getting excited to redo things that weren’t entirely working the way I wanted them to.

I’m not going to say everything happens for a reason because I don’t believe in that, but I feel like this experience has shown me how far I’ve come in letting things go and seeing the positive instead of just dwelling on the negative like I used to. I have bullet journaling to thank for that, even if that means using a system that can easily be destroyed.

Follow me on Instagram to keep seeing the progress of this new journal!

PS: It was a rough day so today, I had that child help me make chocolate chip cookies because he was incredibly upset about what happened. Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie!!

PPS: No longer will I be using an open coffee mug in daycare. Closed Contigo tumblers from now on so this doesn’t happen again!

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