Welcome to Asarye Paperie, Lovebirds!

Asarye Paperie is a passion project that began roughly 7 years ago. I was engaged in 2011 and in the midst of planning the big day. I was also employed in an advertising department at a local hardware store, learning from an amazing graphic artist and manager who took me under their wings. As I began learning design, I fell in love. It was a career that never occurred to me in my teenage years because I honestly thought that I wanted to keep the artistic side of me a hobby because I was adamant that I would begin to feel art was work instead of an emotional release. Boy, was I ever wrong. Not only do I regret my decision, but it’s all I can think about now! Now I needed to be a Winnipeg wedding stationery designer!


 When I said I do…

This was the start. I know you hear of a lot of brides who, when they’re done planning their wedding, say they want to become a wedding planner because they feel like they’ve become a pro, planning their own. This is honestly no different, haha, but this isn’t a fleeting feeling, this truly stuck. We are in our seventh year of marriage and it’s still all I think about. I think I made about 50 different invitations. They were not all pretty! There were a few that I showed no one, not even my then fiance because it was embarrassingly ugly! Each one I learned from. Each one I designed made me realize what I liked and did not like. Each idea I had helped me figure out what my wants for my invitations were compared to my wants. At first, I wanted to do a full pocketfold invitation with all 5 inserts because everything I had was so important. Well, I didn’t have any out of town guests that needed a hotel, they all stayed with family. I had my ceremony and reception at the same place so I didn’t need those details… I didn’t have any special events going on throughout the day so I honestly did not have a need for 5 inserts!

I decided to go with a gate fold invitation. It gave me the main invitation with two small information panels on either side. This gave me the information for my wedding website, RSVP information, a map and directions. It had everything I needed. Once I figured out my colour scheme, I went ahead and just through all the information together, throw in a couple graphics and you know what? that quicker one that I did ended up being the one. 

I took my sweet time designing these. I sent them out on July 1st and I started designing them back in March. I’m glad I did because it took me some time to get where I wanted, but it was my first ever experience designing invitations! I also made matching place cards with diecut lace, a seating chart, table numbers and a thank you card to send after the wedding.



Working at my Passion

After the hustle and bustle of the wedding and the honeymoon, things started to slow down. I kept learning design from my coworker and I would practice by making fake invitations because, why not? It was the thing I loved to do. Then can you imagine the call I got not long after, from my best friend who just got engaged (for the record, I may have deafened them by screaming into their ears on that phone call). I offered to design their wedding invitations as a gift to them. This was my first experience designing for someone else based on their wants and their wishes. I had a lot of fun making them and I’m glad that my first time was for my best friend! After these lovebirds, I designed a few more for friends and family including my sister and pretty recently for my brother.

Ever since these few jobs, I found myself sitting down, my kids are in bed, and I’m just designing. Not for anyone in particular, just because I love it. I work on at least one element of design every single day at this point, I can’t seem to get myself away. It’s not just that it’s fun to make pretty things, it’s art, it’s therapy, it’s my zen. It’s my love!

Now here’s the thing. Custom is not for everyone. Most don’t realize that it’s a bit of an investment, while it’s completely worth it, it’s simply not in everyone’s budget. This is why we also offer semi-custom suites! All suites are designed by me, they use the same luxurious, premium paper that’s used in custom orders and they’re a bit easier on the budget too. 

Exciting Events!

It’s been a long road. Seven years of thinking about it. Seven years of doubting myself. Seven years of doing it anyway but keeping it in the shadows. Something lit me up last year and I have worked incredibly hard to get to this point! I am now officially open for business as a wedding stationery designer in Winnipeg and I want to turn that passion into a life-long career!

I am thrilled and so excited to say that I will be a preferred vendor at the 2020 Wonderful Wedding Show! Come and visit me at booth W27, tickets are on sale already!


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